Sunday, May 10, 2009


Collect all direct and indirect effects of globalization that you would regard as positive. Be specific about the positive impact by giving examples and referring to sources and evidence.


  1. For me, Globalization has many positive aspects. I just think about the world wide web, the telephone ( you can phone anybody all over the world), the goods from other countries we have in our own country as well and also about the good infra-structure over the world. When we go abroad for holidays, we have well developed highways or autoroutes, a good railway system and at least the airplanes wich help us to go nearly everywhere.
    That's just my point of view. I think there are also other important facts which I haven't mentioned here.

  2. Johannes GrundnerMay 11, 2009 at 10:02 AM

    Yes there are some other points.
    Globalization has created the concept of outsourcing to developing countries like India. People in the development countries get work, the company that outsourced the work enjoys the benefit of lower costs in these countries and the developing countries get access to the latest technology.
    Increased competition forces companies to lower prices. This ist positive for the end consumers.

  3. Another point is that there is a big exchange off different cultures over the world. It is now possible to listen to american music or eat chinese food. This affects our daily life, and we coudn't live without it. If we look at electronics, toys or eaven our german cars, there is always a influence of other countries. So all in all it is a very positiv aspect, because we can mix all the positive ablities and habits.

  4. I agree with you guys, we can get a taste of almost every culture, every food, almost everything. With all the imports and expots coming and going globalization can be a good thing. We being the consumers of this really benefit from it and it also gives companies a chance to compete with other companies around the world.

  5. I agreed with all of you because the positive side is willing to exchange with others for goods and services.

  6. Globalization is good because it helps countries to obtain resources and products it couldn't normally have, and also creates "trade" with other nations, however it comes with a lot of negative side-effects.