Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Food items often travel around the world before we eat them. Analyze eating habits in your country. You might consider the following aspects, among others: time (mealtimes, time it takes to prepare and eat meals), accelerating lifestyles, presence of women in the workforce, access to a variety of foods, food advertising, ethnic food (which countries = which foods?)


  1. In the North Sea crabs are catched and brought to german harbours. German people like crabs because they think they´re fresh from theit coast. But they often make a long travel before they´re sold in german supermarkets. After the crabs are in the harbour, they made a 3-day journey to Morocco with a truck. There they become shelled by women for a low fee. After this day, they make the journey back to Germany and then the crabs are brought to supermarkets. That´s insane, but it´s cheaper than shelling them in Germany and with the globalisation it´s possible to do this since 25 years.
    For the german livestock farming, 3 million hectars of soybeans are attached in Southamerica. Our farmers need the soybeans to feed the cows and swines. Often, for the soy-farms rainforest is cleared. This means every german needs 340 square meters of soybeans in a year, all from Southamerica.


  2. ok so let me ask you a question then, Johannes, is your country the only one who needs jobs? Is your country superior to every other country in the world? There are people in every country that rely on globalization to keep their families alive. If it wasn't for your country importing crabs, there might be a few families that wouldn't make it. If your country stopped exporting things or importing for that matter, there would be more people in your country without jobs because the ports would close. There would be no need for the people who unload, load, transport and do other things with imports and exports. It’s not only in your country though. It’s the same in every country that imports or exports good and products. Food would be scarcer than it is in some countries such as the Sudan and other countries in Africa which have people starving to death even though they do import food. They can only import so much though. This is why we can’t stop globalization. Just like not all countries can make all kinds of food needed, not all of them can produce the goods that they need. If we stopped importing things to your country because you wanted your country to be self reliant, there would not be enough food for everyone living there. See why we have to import and export things???

  3. I think it’s totally different in Colorado than it is in Germany. The seafood that we eat is imported by other countries, because this state is nowhere near the ocean that will provide sea food for us.

    I also think that the junk food companies are increasing rapidly. Maybe that’s the reason that most of the Americans are overweight and unhealthy. The fast food, such as McDonald, Taco Bells, Burger Kings, and etc.... are making the families lazy to serve all day meal in home.